Friday, December 28, 2012

Imagine This

You and Justin are playing hide and seek in his four story house. You’re hiding in his closet. Justin is looking for you on the first floor. So you start looking through his closet. You open a drawer and it his underwear drawer so you put a pair on your head. “I am polo girl.” You say. Justin runs up the stairs and sees you and laughs so hard. “What the heck (Y/N).” He runs up the stairs and picks you up and runs into his room.  Lays in the bed and you guys and make out for about 15 minutes. He takes his shirt off and you kiss his abs. He starts to bite your ear and kiss your neck. You take your shirt off and he kisses your stomach and chest. Then he sings in a sexy voice your body is a wonderland while he kisses you all over. Once you guys are done having your romantic scene lay I the living and watching Dexter. “Want me to make you a sandwich baby?” He nods yes. While you’re cut the tomatoes he comes behind you and whisper in your ear “I like my tomatoes thick like your butt.” You laugh hard and said. “You are so cheesy.”  He puts his hands on your waist an starts kissing your neck. You rub the back of his head.  

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