Friday, December 28, 2012

Imagine This



Your POV:  You and Justin go to the movies to see the notebook. There is a scene where there making out. Justin slowly put his arm around you and says “I love you so much.” You gently peak his lips.” I love you to babe.” When the movie is over you guys head back to his house and hangout poolside. “You are so sexy!!!!” Justin yells. Shhhhhh someone will hear you.”

Justin POV: My girlfriend’s body is ….just……hot. I’m so lucky. I jumped in the water. “OOOOOOOOOO it is so cold. Babe jump in.”


Your POV: NO WAY it is way to cold. So he got out of the pool and grabs me with his wet hands and threw me in.”AWWWWWWWWWWW it is so freggin cold.”   He gets back in the water and we start to make out. He grabs my butt and slaps it. “Owww!” I said “Sorry babe it was so tempting.” I blush and giggle.

Justin POV: Y/N is the most beautiful, sweetest, perfect girl in the world. I tell her I love her and we make out even more.  I splashed her, she slashed me. “Want to go shopping tomorrow babe.” She says yes. We dry off and go to bed

Please tell me if you like it or not

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